EFI Card Instant (Solderless EFI Chip) for MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini and Mac Pro

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The EFI Card fixes corrupted EFI BIOS firmware issues such as corruptions or boot loops caused by Clover, similar EFI bootloaders or Catalina update, helps to remove MDM and DEP. In addition it also unlocks firmware passwords. One just needs to open the back cover, plug in the EFI card and turn the mac on, that’s all!


  • The EFI Card fixes EFI BIOS chip or firmware corruptions and boot loops that may have caused by Clover or similar EFI bootloaders.
  • It also removes and unlocks the Apple Mac (2010 – 2017) EFI BIOS passwords instantly.
  • This is just a special EFI BIOS chip which uses a special connector on the logic board so it doesn’t require soldering.
  • The purpose of this device is to help people who doesn’t have soldering skills, wants to unlock their device or fix EFI BIOS firmware corruption issues without dismantling the logic board or soldering the EFI BIOS chip.
  • The process is as simple as connecting the EFI Card to the designated connector and turn the Mac on.
  • The conventional password removing or fixing EFI firmware corruptions by soldering is difficult and time consuming even for the experts, but with the EFI Card, it’s easy, quick and hassle free.
  • The device doesn’t need anything else and supports 2010 – 2017 models.
  • There are no needs for checking the power state such as connecting the magsafe adapter and / or the internal battery to start the unlocking.
  • There are no messing with the confusing GPIO cable or wrong pin connection, just plug and play..
  • Documentation and instructions will be provided.
  • Most payment methods accepted including PayPal, Bitcoin and Altcoins.
  • It will be sent same or next working day with a shipment tracking number.
  • Please order now while the stocks are limited.
  • Please double check your apple’s model and specs before purchasing.

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 0.5 cm
Model Number

Mac Pro A1289 2009 – 2012, EMC 2314, EMC 2629, 820-2337, Mac Mini A1347 2011 EMC 2442 820-2993, Mac Mini A1347 2012 EMC 2570 820-3227 820-3228, Mac Mini A1347 2014 EMC 2840 820-5509, MacBook 12" A1534 2017 EMC 3099 820-00687, MacBook Air 13" A1466 2017 EMC 3178 820-00165, MacBook Pro 13" A1706 2017 EMC 3163 820-00923, MacBook Pro 13" A1708 2017 EMC 3164 820-00840, MacBook Pro 15" A1707 2016 EMC 3072 820-00281, MacBook Pro 15" A1707 2017 EMC 3162 820-00928, MacBook 12" A1534 2016 EMC 2991 820-00244, MacBook Air 11" A1370 2010 EMC 2393 820-2796, MacBook Air 11" A1370 2011 EMC 2471 820-3024, MacBook Air 11" A1465 2012 EMC 2558 820-3208, MacBook Air 11" A1465 2013 2014 EMC 2631 820-3435, MacBook Air 11" A1465 2015 EMC 2924 820-00164, MacBook Air 13" A1237 2008 EMC 2142 820-2179, MacBook Air 13" A1304 2008 2009 EMC 2253 EMC 2334 820-2375, MacBook Air 13" A1369 2010 EMC 2392 820-2838, MacBook Air 13" A1369 2011 EMC 2469 820-3023, MacBook Air 13" A1466 2012 EMC 2559 820-3209, MacBook Air 13" A1466 2013 2014 EMC 2632 820-3437, MacBook Air 13" A1466 2015 EMC 2925 820-00165, MacBook Pro 13" A1425 2012 EMC 2557 820-3462, MacBook Pro 13" A1425 2013 EMC 2672 820-3462, MacBook Pro 13" A1502 2013 EMC 2678 820-3476, MacBook Pro 13" A1502 2013 EMC 2678 820-3536, MacBook Pro 13" A1502 2014 EMC 2875 820-3476, MacBook Pro 13" A1502 2015 EMC 2835 820-4924, MacBook Pro 13" A1706 2016 EMC 3071 820-00239, MacBook Pro 13" A1708 2016 EMC 2978 820-00875, MacBook Pro 15" A1398 2012 EMC 2512 820-3332, MacBook Pro 15" A1398 2013 EMC 2673 820-3332, MacBook Pro 15" A1398 2013 EMC 2674 820-3662, MacBook Pro 15" A1398 2013 EMC 2745 820-3787, MacBook Pro 15" A1398 2014 EMC 2876 820-3662, MacBook Pro 15" A1398 2014 EMC 2881 820-3787, MacBook Pro 15" A1398 2015 EMC 2909 820-00138, MacBook Pro 15" A1398 2015 EMC 2910 820-00163, Mac Pro A1481 2013 – 2014 EMC 2630 820-3637, MacBook 12" A1534 2015 EMC 2746 820-00045

40 reviews for EFI Card Instant (Solderless EFI Chip) for MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini and Mac Pro

  1. DraganBeci (verified owner)

    This is amazing unlocker. Very fast and easy. Thank you!!

  2. m.g.sanna (verified owner)

    The guys from macunlock saved My MacBook Pro retina that was bricked
    My Efi was corrupted for a mi state that I made☹️.
    This chip saved Bunch of money and time…..
    Thanks thanks thanks
    Marco from Torino-Italy

  3. churek (verified owner)

    These guys rocks!!!
    My MacPro 2013 bricked after accidentaly booted to clover bootloader.
    In one week MacPro is working again.
    Many thanks.

    • Admin –

      You’re welcome and thanks a lot!

  4. François (verified owner)

    Quick, easy and efficient. Thanks very much !!!
    I messed up with my usb sticks (mac, UEFI hackintosh, …) and bricked a MacBook air. These guys saved my money.

  5. toprakdeviren (verified owner)

    Just got chip. this is excellent. it works sames as original. thank you.

  6. Macan

    Arrived quickly in 5 days to California! I accidentally booted my 2013 Mac Pro with a Clover USB and bricked it. It was start up chime, then repeating chime. USB not responsive, nothing will work. This CHIP SAVED ME. Install was a breeze and the support is very responsive. THANK YOU

  7. sefket

    Great Item, Whole team is very professional and helpful .. thank you.. USA_ Sh

  8. acai (verified owner)

    it works! save time that even apple won’t fix unless changing system board.

  9. black_crown_92 GERMANY (verified owner)

    This product ist awesome. Fix my MacBook Pro Retina 13″ in seconds. It save a lot of money

    Dieser Chip hat mein MacBook wieder zum leben gebracht. Sehr guter Service und sehr schnell nach Deutschland versendet. Kann ich nur jedem Empfehlen, bei dem der EFI Chip defekt ist.

  10. akinwale (verified owner)

    This is a life saver! I plugged the chip in to the logic board of my Mac mini which was stuck in a bootloop caused by the Clover bootloader, and it works perfect! I didn’t even have to take out the logic board to do this.

  11. Meskini (verified owner)

    The chip works very well 🙂
    Fast delivery to France under 72h only, always seller to answer you quickly
    Congratulations to your team

  12. Esteban (verified owner)

    This little thing saved my MacBook Air after booting with Clover. I really loved this product.

  13. Tim (verified owner)

    Worked perfectly. Turned my Macbook from a Doorstop back to working.

  14. Secret Customer :) (verified owner)

    Just wow Great customer support. The products works great!!!!!! FAST shipping less than 5 days to CANADA.

  15. Guntars (verified owner)

    Excellent worked chip and fast delivery to Latvia. May MacMini 2014 is reborn. Very cereful with clover!!!

  16. ninio83210 (verified owner)

    Voilà ! Here I Am ! Ordered this little thing and solved all my problems. Just stocked on a boot loop without the apple logo. Just put that little chip on my mother board and that’s it. Thank you Macunlocks, you saved me a loooot of money !

    By the way my problem came from Clover. Wrong soft on a Macbook Pro. Just bricked the EFI chip.

    You Can buy it with your eyes closed.

    Thanks again !

  17. Hedinn

    This chip solved all my problems. And the service I received via Facebook was nothing less than exceptional! Probably some of the best I have ever experienced! Really recommend!!

  18. chrismeredith2 (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant service and this chip is a life saver, I had the dreaded 9 beeps on start up and this little chip solved it straight away, so pleased, Thanks guys

  19. Steven Coakley (verified owner)

    Thank you Macunlocks, i now have an unlocked macbook pro. Amazing customer service, answered a lot of questions i had. 100% recommend.

  20. Simon

    Hi is this chip available still? I have forgotten my BIOS pwd on my Mac Model A1706 EMC 3163

    • Admin –

      Hi, yes it’s available.

  21. kris.murphy (verified owner)

    Not the cheapest solution but well worth every penny! Permanently resolved DEP headache on my 2014 MBP Retina.
    Many thanks Macunlocks guys for your guidance and help, you’re the best!

  22. And121990

    como puedo tener más información sobre el chip y el envío?

  23. Markus Götz (verified owner)

    Thanks so much from Germany, I bought a MacMini from ebay and it shows up with an Bios Password, thought I lost all my money, but thanks to you it now runs fine without a problem 🙂

  24. Deepak Kumar (verified owner)

    Grand salute to macunlocks team. They saved my MacBook, i was about to scrap it. My MacBook is A1708 and this chip unlocked the EFI password on it. Thank you so much MacUnlocks _/\_

  25. Max

    Hi will this remove mdm Enrollment?

    • Admin –

      Hi, yes it will remove MDM enrollment

  26. Juan Quixote

    Worked perfectly for my 2014 MBP, so quick and easy to install. I was at a loss for a minute because there were no instructions and the videos were not detailed in the actual installation. HOWEVER on the bottom of the EFI board I saw “BACK” and “BATTERY” printed which showed me the correct orientation. Restarted and no more lock! Restarted again and zapped the PRAM and I was reinstalling MacOS. The whole process took 5 minutes from unscrewing the back to installing the EFI board.

  27. Arezki kherroubi

    I have MacBook Pro A1707 E3072 with firmware password locked. How will I know where to place it? I am a novice. How soon will it be delivered? London uk.

    • Admin –

      We provide diagrams and instructions to place the solderless chip. It should take 1 – 2 days to arrive in London.

  28. Merlin

    Are there any drawbacks to using this? Will my mac function as if it was never altered in every way? I won’t run into issues updating in the future?

    • Admin –

      No drawbacks, yes it will work without any problem and you can do updates.

  29. Antwerp

    Hi, can this device set to program Mac serial number as well as unlocking the bios?

    • Admin –

      Hi, yes it can do that.

  30. Bojan

    Hello, my Macbook Air 2017 is stuck at Remote Management screen after Factory Reset. Will changing this chip at this stage make MDM (DEP) step disappear and make my computer MDM (DEP) free? Thanks

    • Admin –

      Hello, yes it will.

  31. Demba Kante (verified owner)

    Bonjour je vien d’acheter la carte j’habite en France, j’aimerais savoir si mon modèle est belle bien compatible avec la carte j’ai un MacBook Air A1465 il est bloqué efi (cadenas) ?

  32. Sam

    the best company. 100 percent recommendation

  33. AaA

    Will this remove the “Configuration available” DEP step that I get during a fresh OS install?

    • Admin –

      Yes, it will remove that.

  34. Jesse (verified owner)

    Bought a mac from ebay – used it for a couple years without issue. Decided I wanted to wipe it and pass it down to my kids. Doing so I discovered it was locked with DEP. This chip fixed that and I was able to install the Monterey without any issues.

  35. Sam

    hello… i have a Macbook Air, A1466, emc3178. The existing current EFI is soldered in to the board… how does this replacement work? – do i need to remove the existing one?

    • Admin –

      There is a connector on the logic board for this EFI card so you just plug the chip in there. We provide diagrams sent automatically after the purchase. No you do not have to remove the existing chip.

  36. Elitetech Computers (verified owner)

    This product works precisely as intended, make sure to read your emails from the response, cuz they respond quick … like very quick …. I’m from the USA and everything they say is absolutely on point as far as what the product does and claims to do. ~lain.

  37. Uwimana Bertrand

    Hi sir this it’s still available? I have MacBook Pro 2015 model A1502 EMC2835 (13inch) and MacBook Air 2017 Model A1466 EMC3178 Serial FVFCN3BRJ1WK

    • Admin –

      Hello, yes it’s available.

  38. Ginox (verified owner)

    I ordered several solderless EFI chips, and each time I was able to unlock my Macs, Macunlock is really on top, the customer service is nice and very responsive to the slightest problem. Very serious company, really I recommend this seller.

  39. Juan

    the product is still available?

    • Admin –

      Yes, it’s available.

  40. ISHMA

    I have macbook retina 2017 with efi lock, can this chip unlock it?

    • Admin –

      Yes, it can unlock that.

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