EFI BIOS Master 15 Seconds 2010 – 2017

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This device unlocks and removes EFI BIOS passwords of the Apple Mac including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini, MacBook and Mac Pro (2010 – 2017) within around 15 seconds.

The package includes:

1x Unlocker device (EFI BIOS Master)

1x SOIC8 clip with cable

1x SPI flex cable

1x User Manual (PDF)



  • This device removes and unlocks the Apple Mac (2010 – 2017) EFI BIOS passwords in around 10 – 15 seconds (new version)
  • The purpose of this device is to help people who doesn’t have soldering skills, wants to unlock their device without dismantling the logic board or soldering the EFI BIOS chip.
  • It supports all type of Macs including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini, MacBook and Mac Pro.
  • There are no license restrictions or limits so this can be used as many times as you need
  • The process is as simple as connecting the flex cable to the connector or SOIC8 clip to the EFI chip and turn on the unlocker device and everything is done automatically.
  • The conventional password removing technique by soldering is difficult and time consuming even for the experts, but with this device, it’s easy, quick and hassle free.
  • The device works with 2x AA batteries and it comes with the SOIC8 clip and the flexible SPI cable with three connectors which supports 2010 – 2017 models
  • There are no needs for checking the power state such as connecting the magsafe adapter and / or the internal battery to start the unlocking
  • There are no messing with the confusing GPIO cable or wrong pin connection, just plug and play.
  • It has built-in short circuit, over current and ESD protection circuitry to prevent damages to your mac or unlocker device in case of a mistake while connecting the cables so you will be safe
  • More features will be added to this device and the SPI flex cable so you will be future proof in case of new updates.
  • Documentation, instructions and the best available support by our team will be provided.
  • Most payment methods accepted including Paypal, Bitcoin and Altcoins.
  • It will be sent same or next working day with a shipment tracking number which usually takes 1 to 7 days worldwide and DHL express option takes 1 to 3 days.
  • Please order now while the stocks are limited.

The package includes:

1x Unlocker device (EFI BIOS Master)

1x SOIC8 clip with cable

1x SPI flex cable

1x User Manual (PDF)



Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 30 cm

91 reviews for EFI BIOS Master 15 Seconds 2010 – 2017

  1. mvd

    This is a great device, and the service from macunlocks is also great!

  2. Alaa

    Perfect, thank you!

  3. Samuel (verified owner)

    Hey I’m not kidding, I love this device, but not just that, these guys are very helpful with their support.

  4. Rustam (verified owner)

    This is amazing unlocker. Very fast and easy. Thank you!!!

  5. Sahil Alaracu (verified owner)

    This is a very good product. Exceptional customer service was received from All questions was answered very quickly and swiftly. Thanks.

  6. Salem James (verified owner)

    Thanks a lot it works

  7. cedric schaack

    je ne suis pas la pour faire de la publicité
    mais ce vendeur est professionnel
    l’appareil fonctionne a 100%

  8. BARTOSZ (verified owner)

    100% working very fast device

  9. xinzhang (verified owner)

    good device
    buy another cable for 2016 mac model
    in case need

  10. Dan (verified owner)

    Great service! Received the device next day. Job done in seconds! What could you want more?

  11. Robert (verified owner)

    You are the best seller. My Macbook 12′ 2015 got a new life in 10 seconds. Small device, great power.I recommend to everyone. THANKS SO MUCH

  12. DON

    Wow, This is a great device. The best device I found. easy to use . it works the way he described. unbelievable . I recommend this to every one. great customer support . THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  13. AAMERNWZ (verified owner)

    Awesome magical device.
    Thank you so much.

  14. Ku Ku

    i love macunlocks , good service , happy
    i love you again

  15. H.t

    Hallo i Need One of this Product Please Contact me

    Email :

  16. diego orta paredes (verified owner)

    precious machine & very fast !! ty!

  17. ales

    hello , i need this device, could you let me know when its available on the stock please? thanks

    • Admin –

      Hello, it should be available within couple of days, thanks.

  18. Andy (verified owner)

    a great device that you might use it, thanks

  19. Frank

    Hi, Do you know When is going to be available this tool?, I need it.
    Thank you

    • Admin –

      Hello, it should be back in the stocks next couple of days.

  20. docilesoul (verified owner)

    I USUALLY NEVER leave reviews, because I can’t be bothered. But I honestly HAD to in this case.
    I recently purchased your unlocked and LOVE IT… It took a week to arrive first time I used it and connected it to my 2011 iMac it didn’t work, had to put in fresh batteries. Then it worked like a charm in under a minute the Firmware passcode was removed. THANK YOU so much. If it wasn’t for your site I would be out the cash I paid for the iMac and a “dead” locked computer I couldn’t use. Thanks again you guys are awesome.

  21. Fu (verified owner)

    OOHH THE POWER!! works flawlessly everytime on EVERYMAC. Thank you so much. I was sceptical at first but now I have complete faith in these guys! Support is next level A+++ 🙂

  22. ilias (verified owner)

    Wow, This is a great device. The best device I found

  23. Richard Roth

    When will these be back in stock?!

  24. Marco

    hi , i need it, could you let me know when its available on the stock please? thank you

    • Admin –

      Hello, thanks for your interest. It should be available tomorrow.

  25. soran

    When will these be back in stock?thank you

    • Admin –

      Yes, will be in stock within couple of days.

  26. Mohammd (verified owner)

    It’s great device
    And greate service i contact them for 7 days to help in every step.
    They are very helpfully.i tried to unlock my macbook A1534 2017 in defrent way .finally i unlock it in 15 second

  27. MOHAMMED (verified owner)

    Greatest device
    I open the 3th device A1370
    Thanx a lot Macunlocks team for your helpful

  28. John

    Hi, please can you let me know when these will be in stock? Thanks

    • Admin –

      No worries, it should be available within this week.

  29. ablaye

    hi sir!! i want to buy the device but it’s like must be a member how does it work

    • Admin –

      Hello, no you don’t have to be a member, you can do guest checkout.

  30. mf2forever (verified owner)

    Very good support,
    Very Detailed manual
    Very good quality
    Very easy to use
    Very helpful Device
    All the Best!! A+++
    Thank you Very very Much!!

  31. Brian (verified owner)

    I was having problems but it turned out to be my fault. The support team responded very fast and was very patient with me!

  32. John

    I’d like to buy one of these. Will you have it back in stock soon?

    • Admin –

      Hi, this should be available on Monday.

  33. Rudy Angulo (verified owner)

    Wow, it works great, I got it yesterday and was able to unlock 2 MBPs in the first attempt. Thank you for all the support, delivered quickly in USA.

  34. leonardo.mateos

    Hi there, I want to buy one piece. When will you have in stock again?

    • Admin –

      Hello, thanks for asking. It should be available within this week.

  35. Abel Peña

    i need

    • Admin –

      Hello, yes definitely will be in stock within couple of days. Thanks

  36. roque

    i need tool , send from colombia

  37. IFaa

    Can this device unlock 6 digit Code ??

    • Admin –

      Yes, it can unlock 6 digit code, thanks.

  38. alex

    when will be available to buy ?

    • Admin –

      Hi, it should be available on Monday, thanks.

  39. jaidtaoufik (verified owner)

    finaly with help from support it worked realy 15 seconds and it’s done.

  40. Daniel

    hi when it will be back in stock ?

    • Admin –

      Hi, it should be back in the stocks within next couple of days, thanks.

  41. Imad

    Its out of stock can you send me a message when it back to stock thanks

    • Admin –

      Hi, it should be back in the stocks within next couple of days, thanks.

  42. Nax

    Hey! Do you know when will be available again? Thanks!!

    • Admin –

      Hi, it should be back in the stocks within next couple of days, thanks.

  43. Mo

    Hi, When can we expect more in stock? Thanks!

    • Admin –

      Hi, it’s in stock now, thanks.

  44. steff

    hi when it will be back in stock ?

    • Admin –

      Hi, it’s in stock now, thanks.

  45. jerry

    hola me pueden enviar un correo cuanto hay stock estoy interasado para Peru gracias

  46. steff.killer (verified owner)

    hi, works great, I unlocked my macbook air without problems ..
    fast, nothing to say.

  47. Daniel

    hello again out of stock ???

  48. toprakdeviren (verified owner)

    Worked very well. Thanks

  49. mr.stein (verified owner)

    fast delivery and works very good !!!

  50. Luis felipe López Pérez

    you have it in stock

    • Admin –

      Hi, yes it’s in stock now, thanks.

  51. joe

    Hello is this currently in stock?

    • Admin –

      Hi, yes it’s currently in stock.

  52. HU15811412071

    Why can not check out?no more in stock now?

    • Admin –

      Hello, it’s in stock now so the checkout is working normally, thanks.

  53. subhan10730 (verified owner)

    This tool is amazing i thought it was BS but when i received i was blown away. this tool is a must for any technician very highly reccomend

  54. Daniel

    No more in stock ? I cant check out

    • Admin –

      It will be in stock within couple of days, thanks.

  55. Helio

    It works as described, and the customer support is great!

  56. jerry

    friend that such buy an EFI BIOS Master unlocker 15 seconds 2010 – 2017

    I arrived today I would like to know how is your management because I used it according to sample video and it does not work I hope a quick answer

  57. francisco j. puerto

    Hello is this currently in stock?

    • Admin –

      Hi, yes it’s currently in stock.

  58. Rich (verified owner)

    Amazing device. Its a huge time saving. I say thank you to Macunlocks every time I use this device. Customer support is really fast and amazing. These guys are genus. THANK YOU 🙂

  59. Paul

    Do you ship it to Canada?

    • Admin –

      Yes, we can ship it to Canada.

  60. daniel

    Hello is this currently in stock?

    • Admin –

      Hello, it should be available within next couple of days.

  61. NEWTON.GORDON.JR (verified owner)

    Hey everyone Newton here from NYC. I ordered this product last week an upon receiving my order I got started unlocking a machine. It was my first attempt on an 11″ MBA A1465 I couldn’t locate the probe point, but thanks to the swift response from the guys @ MacUnlocks I was given instructions in an email and a link to a user guide in PDF format. I’d strongly suggest anyone in the community who’s searching for a responsive team who provides an amazing product these are your guys. Thank you very much MacUnlocks!

  62. Tommie

    is tool available

    • Admin –

      Hello, yes it’s available.

  63. coselectronicbrothers (verified owner)

    Outstanding product. Great service. First unit OS was being reinstalled in about 5 minutes. Second unit I tried was not in their manual or on their website. I asked them for info on the model, and they emailed me back in less than 24 hours the images I needed to complete the unlock. Thanks!

  64. Michel

    bonjour votre appareil est dispo merci envoie en suisse

    • Admin –

      Bonjour, oui c’est disponible à la commande, merci de demander.

  65. Win (verified owner)

    At first i was skeptical about the item like many people reading this it totally sounds like a scam. But i was like hey lets take a gamble and purchased this. When i got it holy cow it works well on a a1466 macbook air.

  66. Satya (verified owner)

    Was skeptical if it will work, got the device, plugged it in, and at first it just blinked RED. So restarted the process, and it worked. Blinked Green after few seconds and it unlocked. Actually works. Unlocked a MacBook 2015 A1502 2909

  67. Ahzan malik

    Hi there, I have MacBook Pro late 2016 model , I forgot the Firmware password.I have read the reviews but Does this device will really unlock so I can boot up into recovery ? please advice. Thanks

    • Admin –

      Hello, yes it will definitely unlock that model so you can boot into recovery and also you can erase re-install new mac OS.

  68. princehm2010

    Do you ship to india

    • Admin –

      Yes, sure we ship to India.

  69. vinod alwasat gate

    can you send bahrain .how much shipping fee

    • Admin –

      Yes, sure we ship to Bahrain. The shipping costs depends on the selected postage option as we have regular tracked and express options.

  70. yuliogal (verified owner)

    The unlocker worked like a charm on MacBook Pro 2015 and 2014. Excellent product indeed. Thanks;)

  71. ilyass

    hy i m so intersted in the device to unlock my mac

  72. severin.kipfer (verified owner)

    I ordered the EFI BIOS Master and I was a bit skeptical if the device works at all. I thought these many 5 star reviews here are maybe fake 🙂 But I have to revise my opinion – it works!!! I have been able to unlock three Macbook Pro’s 15 “and 13” from 2013 and 2015 without any problems! There is a very detailed manual where everything is explained very well. Thumbs up Macunlock’s team.

  73. mont

    this can unlock mackbook A1534 ? also you provide a guide for point probe of all model macs ?

    • Admin –

      Hello, yes it unlocks that model and yes we provide a detailed user manual with diagrams for each model.


  74. Matt Switzer (verified owner)

    I sold several Macbooks with locked BIOS. Unlocking ONE laptop and the Macunlocker paid for itself. Was as easy as the video shows. Thanks Macunlocker!

  75. rodbautis

    is this tool can unlock macbook pro A1706 touch bar

    • Admin –

      Yes, it unlocks that model.

  76. ryan (verified owner)

    the magic is real for this tool tested … waorking tested 100%

  77. christopher

    can u send Mexico? and time delivery

    • Admin –

      Yes, we send to Mexico. The shipping usually takes 3 to 7 working days to Mexico. We also provide DHL express which usually takes 2 to 3 days.

  78. alessandro avila

    viene con algun tipo de manual (pdf), soy de mexico, sirve para varios modelos, tiene garantia, mi modelo es un macbook pro modelo A1278 año 2010

  79. simounlock

    Hello, is the product still available and is it sent to France and how long does it take

    • Admin –

      Hello, yes it’s available and should take 1 to 5 days to France.

      Best regards

  80. ali sammour

    is this tools support mac book pro A1707 touch bar

    • Admin –

      Yes, A1707 touch bar is supported.

  81. Erman (verified owner)

    Reliable seller . It responds to relevant and boring questions. Efi master and USB SSN reset super successful

  82. Phuong Anh

    This item is still available

    • Admin –

      Yes, it’s still available.

  83. danielreina1996

    Aún disponible? Cuánto dura el envío para ecuador?

    • Admin –

      Hello, yes it’s still available. The shipping speed depends if you select DHL express or regular tracked so if you select DHL, it should usually take 1 to 3 days.

  84. Frank (verified owner)

    This tool is amazing! I was shocked it only takes 15 seconds to unlock. This tool is definitely worth the price!

  85. john.nguyen0411

    Is this tool still available and support MacBook Pro 2017?

    • Admin –

      Yes it’s still available.

  86. Daniel

    Me interesa para mexico , aun lo tienes disponible

  87. lordanii

    Is this tool still available ?

    • Admin –

      Yes, it’s currently available.

  88. uwimanabertrand9619

    This device it’s still available it’s can unlock MacBook Pro 13inch model A1502 2015 EMC2835 and MacBook Air 13inch model A1466 EMC 3178?

    • Admin –

      Yes, it’s available

  89. Uwimana Bertrand

    You ship it to Burundi?

    • Admin –

      Yes we ship to Burundi.

  90. Tony

    Does this tool still exist? I have a 2017 macbook pro model A1707 EMC 3162 that is now showing the lock symbol and says this Computer is locked down when i try to bypass using certain key combinations.I believe the previous owner has placed Find My Mac to lock the machine…Will your product help me get around this issue?

    • Admin –

      Yes, it’s currently available. Yes, EFI BIOS Master will solve that issue.

  91. Garry

    Bonjour est ce que cet appareil est toujours disponible ? J’ai acheté un MacBook Pro mi-2012 d’occasion mais il est bloqué
    Merci d’avance cordialement

    • Admin –

      Hello, yes it’s currently available.

      Bonjour, oui il est actuellement disponible.

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